What is Wave Season? What it Means for You.

If you have been reading about cruises, you may have come across the term "wave season" and wondered what it was. Great deals, discounts, upgrades, and free onboard credit is what it's all about. Here at CruiseExperts.com, our knowledgeable staff is ready to help you take advantage of the many advantages of booking your cruise during wave season.

What is Wave Season?

Wave season is when you can get some of the best deals on cruises when you book in advance. Wave season occurs once a year, but it lasts approximately three months. Cruise lines prefer to pre-book their sailings as early as possible to avoid slashing prices to fill staterooms close to departure time. They are willing to make you some great deals if you'll book early. From January through March, cruise lines are making great offers which can mean substantial savings for your budget. Each cruise line has its own specials, so you may find some deals are more exciting to you than others.

Wave Season

Examples of Wave Season Deals

Let's take a look at the top types of wave season discounts you can receive:
  • Deeply discounted cruise prices
  • Second person for half price
  • Third and fourth persons in a cabin sail free
  • Pre-cruise overnight hotel stay
  • Free child
  • Included air fare
  • Free gratuities
  • Unlimited onboard internet
  • Included beverage package
  • Upgrade on stateroom
  • Free excursions
  • Free onboard spending money
  • Free spa day
  • Upgraded dining package (specialty dining)
  • and more!

It's important to remember not all cruises are offering the same discounts and deals. Decide what's most important for you and then call us at 1.888.804.CRUISE (2784) and we'll find you the cruise with the best deals for what you want. Or need help finding great wave season deals for a specific destination, time of travel, or length of cruise? Give us a call and we will be happy to help you find the perfect cruise with the best deals. 1.888.804.CRUISE (2784).

5 Ways to Take Advantage of Wave Season

There are a number of things you can do to be sure you get the best deals available during wave season.
  1. Be Flexible - Flexible travel dates up your chances of grabbing a great deal. Popularity of travel dates can make a difference in price. Choose the date with the cheaper itinerary, but remember the services on board are the same even when you pay less. Every amenity is top-notch including dining, food, entertainment, activities, and more.
  2. Do Your Homework - You need to search for the best deals being offered for the amenities that are important to you. Are you looking for a stateroom upgrade, a free excursion, discount on beverage and dining packages, or free on-board spending? Compare similar itinerary costs on other cruise lines. Look for the cruise lines that are offering what you want and compare prices and perks. If you'll need to fly to your departure port, consider that in the overall cost to see if upgrades and perks offset the plane fare. (Pro Tip: let CruiseExperts.com help you compare cruise deals after you know what type of specials you are looking for)
  3. Senior Discounts – If you are over 65, you may have exclusive discounts available to you. Several cruise lines offer senior discounts. To make sure you get the most out of these advantages, or to see if they are combinable with other wave season offers, talk to a knowledgeable CruiseExperts.com agent who can help maximize your senior discounts.
  4. Be a Loyal Cruiser - Do you have a favorite cruise line? It can pay off with loyalty benefits and discounts on select sailings. Every cruise line keeps their loyal cruisers informed of the latest promotions and may offer special savings, onboard perks, discounts, and upgrades during wave season. Book your cruise through CruiseExperts.com so you not only get benefits from the cruise line but also the benefits CruiseExperts.com can offer you as well.
  5. Home Port Savings - Do you live near a port city? The ten busiest ports in the United States are: Ports of Miami, Canaveral, Everglades, Galveston, New York, New Orleans, Tampa Bay, Seattle, Boston, and Los Angeles. Taking a cruise from a port that is near your home will save you the price of round-trip airfare and helps you maximize your savings.

Getting the Deals

It takes a lot of research to discover what cruise line is offering the best deals for you. For example, say you want to find a relaxing Caribbean cruise or a dream cruise to Alaska. Where do you start looking? You’ll need to know what you want, search out the cruises to your desired destination, and call every cruise line to see what deal you can get. Or you can call us at 1.888.804.CRUISE (2784) and let us do all the work for you.

There is no charge for the expertise of our agents. Our expert travel agents know the cruise lines, the ships, and the cruise deals like no one else. We'll help you navigate through the many offerings to find the cruise and perks that best suit your preferences. If there is a great deal out there, we'll find it for you.

Cruise promotions pop up at different times of the year, but there is so much competition during wave season, that you as a consumer can really win! As each cruise line is putting their best incentives forward, you can choose from the cream of the crop!

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